The WCS Engineering Approach

Municipalities often have a range of challenges to solve with limited budgets. Optimatics software was developed to help municipalities evaluate myriad alternatives to maximize their return on investment. However, applying the complex software algorithm presents its own challenges. That’s where WCS Engineering, the industry-leading optimization experts, can help.

WCS founder Joel Wilson pioneered the development and application of Optimatics’ software for collection systems. This foundation gives the entire WCS team unique insight into applying the industry-leading optimization software to evaluate water, wastewater, and stormwater improvement plans.

Our team applies a collaborative approach to every project. We start by working closely with utility staff and engineering consultants to develop capital and operational improvement alternatives. These alternatives are run through the optimization process, which evaluates thousands of possible combinations. Through our suite of exclusive pre- and post-optimization tools and techniques, we quickly and efficiently process results and map them to evaluate optimal solutions. In addition, we can perform sensitivity analyses to learn the degree to which changes in assumed unit cost or modifications to design objectives may impact the solution.

Our goal is to provide clients a high degree of confidence that the planning strategy they’ve selected maximizes return on investment, while addressing risk and guaranteeing flexibility to be adapted over time.

“In the water industry, the word “Optimization” has become a buzz word with many firms and people claiming to have both the knowledge and technology to either generate savings or make systems more efficient. We knew that optimization in the wrong hands would lead us to results that were no more helpful than using traditional hydraulic modeling tools. We hired WCS Engineering to lead the optimization analysis for the City of Bend Collection System Master Plan (CSMP). WCS provided the very specific expertise in the use of optimization and was able to help guide us in generating new ideas for us to consider. WCS helped develop the confidence needed of our citizen committee, and more importantly, produced very real and defensible results saving our community over $40 million of capital investment. I would strongly recommend anyone considering undertaking an optimization project to engage WCS Engineering.”

– Tom Hickmann, P.E., Director of Public Works, City of Bend, Oregon