The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Prioritization Process

There may be countless options for improving your water network performance over time, and this can make it overwhelming to select the right course of action. By using optimization data to prioritize capital improvement plans (CIP), WCS Engineering gives municipalities confidence that they’re selecting the best approach to meet their overall objectives.

CIP prioritization evaluates project scheduling combinations to determine the options that will achieve the greatest improvement in system performance within the available budget and timeline. We use multi-objective optimization to demonstrate the trade-off between cost and design criteria compliance. The optimization routine considers thousands of possible combinations of projects from the approved master plan, evaluating overall solution cost and hydraulic performance simultaneously.

Given its power, the optimization routine can find those combinations of improvement projects that will achieve the most significant improvements — at the lowest overall cost — more rapidly and accurately than manually calculated evaluations. Our team is here to help clients determine the right course of action and move along the path to the most cost-effective improvements.

Example of Multi-Objective Optimization to Prioritize CIPs