Alvaro Canizares

Graduate Engineer

Alvaro Canizares joined the WCS Engineering team in 2019 as a graduate engineer. Alvaro is a proactive, resourceful, and innovative junior engineer with a strong background in software programming and undergraduate experience in hydraulic model development and calibration.

Alvaro has undertaken the WCS Optimization Training Program which requires him to repeat all key tasks from the Johnson County Wastewater Nelson LTCP Optimization and Prioritization project. This training program covers all aspects of a complex and detailed optimization project while allowing his supervisor to cross check results with the original project results (produced by optimization specialists Joel Wilson and Andrew Faulkner).

Alvaro is based in the WCS head office in Kingscliff, Australia. He is fluent in Spanish and a citizen of Ecuador.  His role at WCS is to deliver development application water and wastewater network capacity assessments and to assist with hydraulic modeling and optimization projects as a junior engineering resource, mapping, model preparation for optimization projects, new staff training and project administration. He is highly motivated to work closely with clients to deliver water and wastewater projects at the high standard for which WCS is renowned.

Selected Project Experience

  • Johnson County Wastewater, KS, USA – Nelson LTCP Optimization and Prioritization
  • City of Tulsa, OK, USA – Northslope Basin Model Calibration
  • Gold Coast Water, AUS – DA water and sewer network capacity assessments
  • Updating existing sewer models using InfoSWMM.
  • Analysis of BSF, GWI, and I/I using water metering and pump station data.
  • Determination of RTK values using SSOAP and rainfall event analysis.
  • Dry and wet weather calibrations using InfoSWMM.
  • Preparing and delivering reports model build and calibration reports.