Hydraulic Model Based Optimization to Determine Prioritized Solutions in Mill Creek

Presentation Content
1) Mill Creek Optimization Background
2) Existing System Performance
3) Unit Cost and Performance ...
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South Bend CSO Long Term Control Plan Optimization: Comparison of Grey-Only vs. Grey-Green Infrastructure Least-Cost Solutions

This paper presents the methodology and results of the South Bend Combined Sewer Overflow
(CSO) Long Term Control Plan Optimization...
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Reducing Wastewater Overflows: Optimising Capital Investment in Christchurch

Christchurch has a large and complex wastewater network serving 384,000 people. Past efforts to reduce wet weather overflows were based o...
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Advantages of Parallel Inline Flow Control Facilities

In 2010 Hunter Water performed an exhaustive evaluation of improvement options to develop a capital works solution for a wastewater catch...
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Confidently Predicting Effectiveness of Sewer Rehabilitation

NSCC has to date rehabilitated 32 mini-catchments, the rehabilitation effectiveness results are currently available for 14 of these catch...
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Cost-Optimal Wastewater System Improvements – 2009/2010 North Shore City Wastewater Optimisation Project

This paper presents the methodology and results of the North Shore City Wastewater Optimisation project completed during 2009 and 2010. T...
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Options Analysis Methods for Wastewater Collection Systems

New technologies have given the engineer additional tools with which to analyse the complexities of wastewater systems. This paper discus...
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Wastewater Strategic Planning Optimisation using Genetic Algorithms: Albany Catchment, North Shore City Council, NZ

Water utilities are facing increased costs due to population growth, ageing infrastructure, new regulations and rising energy costs. The ...
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Application of Genetic Algorithm Optimization for Collection Systems to Johnson County’s Turkey Creek Sewer-shed

Collection system utilities are facing increased costs due to population growth, aging infrastructure and new regulations. At the same ti...
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Genetic Algorithms Compared to Other Techniques for Pipe Optimization

The genetic algorithm technique is a relatively new optimization technique. In this paper we present a methodology for optimizing pipe ne...
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