New York Department of Environment and Planning applied Optimizer to evaluate operational and capital improvement alternatives to reduce the frequency and volume of combined system overflows. WCS partnered with Hazen and Sawyer, AECOM, and Optimatics to evaluate alternatives using Optimizer ICMTM to reduce CSO volume and activations during the typical year rainfall events.

A multi-objective optimization analysis was performed on the collection system to simultaneously balance capital investment against level of service. For this project, level of service improvements were defined as a reduction in CSO activations/volume while having minimal change to the existing system HGL. Alternatives evaluated include changes to regulator structures, interceptor improvements, and pump station balancing at the WWTP.

The optimization identified the most cost-effective balance between capital investment and improved level of service.  It helped to identify points of diminishing return on investment and guide further investigation into enhanced operational settings and future capital investments.