Kansas City is currently implementing the City’s Long-Term Control Plan to reduce the frequency and volume of wet weather sewer overflows in the combined sewer and separate sanitary sewer systems. The City and the Burns & McDonnell Program Team, which includes optimization specialists WCS Engineering, are evaluating SSO and CSO control measures alternatives for the 2035 planning year that will be used to support a modification of the Consent Decree.

The objective of the KCMO Smart Sewer Optimization is to demonstrate the overall cost-effective solution for the general distribution of storage, conveyance, treatment, I/I reduction, and flow control. Stakeholders were engaged to identify a wide range of improvements to be considered for Consent Decree compliance. Multiple I/I reduction scenarios were evaluated with varying levels of effectiveness and cost to implement. The optimization analysis identified the potential for over $70 M in cost savings by finding the best balance between storage, conveyance, and I/I reduction investment.