Water distribution and collection system  OPTIMIZATION specialists

  • The effective application of genetic algorithm optimization requires the experience of a specialist user.   We have developed a wide array of exclusive tools and customized procedures that provide maximum value and efficiency when applying Optimatics technology. 

  • Out team’s experience includes over 50 water and wastewater master plan optimization projects using Optimatics’ technology and extends back to 2003 when WCS team members were employed by Optimatics to help develop the Optimizer software and lead the delivery of projects using it.

  • WCS Engineering applies a highly refined procedure to complete optimization projects.  Required inputs are clearly defined, alternatives are formulated in a structured manner to enable thorough QA/QC, an iterative approach is used to progressively add detail to the optimization framework, and exclusive post-optimization tools are customized to process the raw output from Optimizer into clear graphics and comprehensive summaries. 

  • The WCS team works closely with the municipality and the broader engineering team to interpret and clearly communicate results.  Importantly, the WCS team has the necessary experience to identify and construct optimization scenarios and sensitivity analyses that maximize the value of information derived from the process.

OptimiZation - the benefit of dedicated specialists

WCS Engineering was founded in 2011 specifically to help municipalities reduce capital expenditure and maximize return on investment. 

Municipalities often have a range of challenges to solve with limited budgets.  WCS Engineering provides engineering expertise and specialized use of optimization to deliver more cost-effective capital improvement plans and prioritized capital investment schedules.

Joel Wilson, founder of WCS Engineering, and Mike Canning have specialized in applying Optimatics' genetic algorithm optimization technology since 2006 and 2003.