"I'd just like to say how happy we are with this project - we've been really impressed with the power of the optimization process, and this combined with the team's wastewater modeling expertise and understanding of our complex network means that we have a high confidence in the recommendations.  It's also been a pleasure working with WCS Engineering who have been very responsive and flexible.

We're really looking forward to getting the city-wide optimization project underway in 2016 - this will be really important in determining our capital program over the next ten years, and will also be an important input to our risk-based consenting project."

Bridget O'Brien

Senior Planning Engineer - Growth

Christchurch City Council, NZ, 2016

Christchurch, new zealand

"In the water industry, the word “Optimization” has become a buzz word with many firms and people claiming to have both the knowledge and technology to either generate savings or make systems more efficient. We knew that optimization in the wrong hands would lead us to results that were no more helpful than using traditional hydraulic modeling tools.  

"We hired Joel Wilson of WCS Engineering to lead the optimization analysis for our Collection System Master Plan (CSMP). Joel not only provided the very specific expertise in the use of optimization, he was able to help guide us in generating new ideas for us to consider. His expertise helped develop the confidence needed of our citizen committee, and more importantly he produced very real and defensible results saving our community over $40M of capital investment. I would strongly recommend anyone considering undertaking an optimization project to engage WCS Engineering."

Tom Hickman, P.E.

Director of Public Works

City of Bend, Oregon, 2015

Bend, oregon

Client Testimonials

“When you are about to invest half a billion dollars over the next 20 years on a CSO Long Term Control Plan, you want to know it is the right plan – the smartest investment. This will be the largest environmental infrastructure program in our city history – this team has given us confidence we are on the best path, making a sound investment that will achieve the stewardship and economic end in mind.

"We recommend any community facing this kind of infrastructure investment (to) engage the Optimatics team and process to assure themselves and their ratepayers that they have exhaustively pursued and achieved the optimal solution.  It is rare that people deliver more than was scoped, within budget and ahead of schedule. To our delight, the optimization generated better ideas by capitalizing on synergies between infrastructure improvements and showing significant cost savings.”

Gary Gilot, P.E.

President, Board of Public Works

City of South Bend, Indiana, 2012

South Bend, Indiana

WCS Engineering takes pride in being well regarded as the industry leaders in collection systems optimization and for consistently delivering solutions that are on schedule and exceed client's expectations.

Given the complex nature of optimization, we strongly recommend anyone considering applying the technology speak with representatives from our past projects  to gain an appreciation of the value that WCS Engineering contributes.