• The objective of CIP prioritization is to determine the combination of projects that will achieve the greatest improvement in system performance within a defined budget, for each planning horizon.

  • The prioritization criteria can be defined to maximize overflow reduction within each phase of implementation or can be customized by weighting overflows based on customer and environmental values.  

  • The optimization routine considers thousands of possible combinations of projects from the approved master plan, evaluating overall solution cost and hydraulic performance simultaneously.

  • Given its power and speed, the optimization routine very often finds particular combinations of improvement projects that achieve significant improvements in hydraulic performance - and lower overall cost - compared to evaluations using a manual approach. 

About CIP PrioritiZation

Optimal CIP Prioritization is an innovative application of the Optimizer technology developed by the WCS Engineering team. 

Prioritization can be applied to any master plan to determine the project implementation sequence that maximizes return on investment.  

Incorporate customer and environmental values, and integrate asset condition data to perform multi-objective optimization.

CIP PrioritiZation

"Schedule Projects to Achieve Biggest Bang for Your Buck"