The WCS team’s experience includes over 50 water and wastewater master plan optimization projects using Optimizer and extends back to 2003.

The team’s extensive specialized experience and exclusive tools customized to support the optimization process add distinct value when applying Optimatics’ software.

water distribution Systems Planning and Modeling 

Our expertise covers all the stages of master planning, from inventory validation to model calibration and the development of CIP improvements.  Applications of hydraulic models in water distribution systems include assisting on pipe, pump and valve placement and sizing.

WCS Engineering is a niche company specializing in OPTIMIZATION using the advanced genetic algorithm software Optimizer (a product of Optimatics).

Water distribution and collection system  OPTIMIZATION specialists

Our team has vast experience in optimization and prioritization of water distribution and collection system capital programs. Our optimization tool is the advanced genetic algorithm optimization technology, Optimizer, a product of Optimatics.

CIP OptimiZation and prioritiZation

Collection Systems Planning and Modeling 

Developing effective capital improvement plans for collection systems requires experience and knowledge of modeling software as well as the practical implementation of solutions. Our team has experience using a wide range of software products to build and calibrate hydraulic models, develop planning solutions, evaluate asset renewals and optimize capital improvement plans.